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Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of employee’s contribution to the organization in performance of their jobs. This evaluation is normally done by the immediate superior in the organization which is reviewed in turn by his superior. Not only the qualities, but deficiencies are also evaluated to improve the performance of employees. The appraisal should […]

Conflict Management Techniques

A simple definition of conflict is that it is any tension which is experienced when one person perceives that one’s needs or desires are or are likely to be thwarted or frustrated. It is associated with situations that involve contradictory or irreconcilable interests between two opposing groups. There are four types of conflict, they are […]

How To Deal With Depression

Overcoming depression is not easily possible. The consequences of depression that can affect every aspect of your life, especially long term depression. Depression makes you sad, lack of energy and good mood, talk little and feeling of hopelessness. Living with depression makes your simple day to day activities such as eating meal at right time, […]

7 Excellent Ways to Stop Snoring

Majority of us snore sometimes, but when it occurs again and again it will adversely affect your quality and quantity of sleep, family members and room-mates. If your frequent snoring makes your partner stay awake all night, it can create major relationship problems. Regular snoring can lead to serious health problems such as long disruption […]

Stress Causes, Symptoms, Management

In very simple words, stress refers to an individual’s reaction to a disturbing factor in the environment. Stress is defined as an adaptive response to an external situation that results in physical, psychological and behavioral deviations for organizational participants. Thus stress management deals with managing of stress.   How To Manage Stress?       […]

How To Reduce Stress – 8 Amazing ways

Nowadays, every one of us is leading a busy life. Stress is one of the results of our busy life. Smoking, drinking alcohol, sleeping too much, illness and injuries are the common factors that cause stress. Stress is a state of mental and emotional tension resulting from challenging situations. We cannot define the response of […]

Discipline – Top 7 Tips

  Usually we all learn basics from our parents in our childhood. If a person has grown up in a less controlling family atmosphere, he hardly has well mannerism in his life. As in the case of a person grown up in good controlling family atmosphere, he leads a good life in a disciplined manner. […]

Never Give Up

Never give up is the secret behind every successful person in the world. Everyone should have to take “never give up” as a pledge in their life. The reason behind everyone’s failure is that when they don’t get the desired result they will quit soon without trying again. We must realize everything cannot be achieved […]

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